Scalene is the new album released by the lead singer of the band Showbread. Josh Dies releases his solo music going only by his last name, DIES. His first release, The Aesthetics Of Violence, was more of an industrial rock influenced album, along the lines of Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, and Nine Inch Nails. His new album takes on a different sound, which should not be surprising to any Showbread fan, since their sound is ever evolving.

Scalene takes on a more 80s new wave/synthpop sound but still keeps some of the sound that he had. The Josh Dies website says this about the new sound, "What would it sound like if Phil Collins collaborated with Trent Reznor? You might not have been asking that question, but you'll still want to hear the answer." Dies collaborated with a fan named Dillon Redmond on the album which ends up giving the album some influence from one of Dillon's favorites NIN's album Year Zero.

If you were a fan of DIES first album and were hoping for more of the same you man be disappointed, but if you dig the ever changing music of Showbread then you will get what you expect. The Download is just a sampler of three songs from the album. You can get the full album below at iTunes or Amazon.


  1. A Mute Idol
  2. The Last Enemy To Be Destroyed Is Death
  3. Marana Tha

Download DIES – Scalene (Sampler) free courtesy of

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Josh Dies Scalene

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