JesusFreakHideout has put together a metal compilation titled Rock, Paper, Scissors, Metal, and they are giving it away for free. The compilation includes songs from twenty six different bands in various genres of metal music. Hardcore, metalcore, death metal, screamo……… if you like the heavier genres there is something here for you to enjoy.


  1. A Sight To See – Lifeless Eyes​
  2. Altars – Eternity
  3. Rejoice The Awakening – Blind Leaders, Mute Teachers
  4. See The Light – Rise
  5. Lessons – Mon Amie
  6. Fallstar – Drags, Drugs And Bones
  7. Colossus – Superficial Saviour
  8. Me And The Trinity – I Am Not Who I Once Was
  9. This Divided World – Redeemed
  10. Aliens Ate My Setlist – To Be Honest, I Haven't Been On Apollo 13
  11. Everything In Slow Motion – Red
  12. The Order Of Elijah – New Line Of Defense
  13. A Lesser Hope – The Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead
  14. Onward To Olympas – Wolf's Jaw
  15. No Longer Bound – On Trial
  16. Clear Convictions – Enemies Of God
  17. A Body Divided – The Overcomer
  18. Conveyer – Worn Out
  19. Ark Of The Covenant – Transgressors
  20. Letter To The Exiles – Step Away
  21. Behold The Kingdom – Prideful Demise
  22. Saints Will Rise – Glory
  23. Sobre Todo Nombre – The Voice Of The Righteous
  24. Righteous Vendetta – What You've Done
  25. On The Shoulders Of Giants – Almost Home
  26. Hope For The Dying – Acceptance

Download JesusFreakHideout Metal Compilation, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Metal free.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

JesusFreakHideout Metal Compilation Rock Paper Scissors Metal Album Artwork


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