Download the Jars Of Clay song Love Song For A Savior for free over at iTickets. The song comes from their latest album 20 which was released on their own record label, Grey Matters, on August 19th. You can sample or purchase the full album here at iTunes or Amazon. The song originally was released on their 1995 self-titled debut album.

The album 20 is a greatest hits album of sorts. It is 18 songs that were voted on by fans then re-recorded for this album. In addition they have two new songs as well, If You Love Her and Ghost On The Moon. The album is celebrating 20 years as a band, their first release being a independent demo titled Frail that was released in 1994.


  1. Love Song For A Savior

Download Jars Of Clay – Love Song For A Savior free at iTickets.

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Jars Of Clay 20 Album Art

Jars Of Clay 20 Album Cover

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