Get Frontline Records, Risen Sampler, just in time to celebrate the rising of our savior on Easter. Frontline Records was created in 1986 and focused mostly on rock, alternative, rap, and metal Christian music. In 1990 the label closed down, since then the catalog has been bought by KMG Records and recently all of their past albums have been put up for download at places like iTunes and Amazon.

This sampler is primarily power rock, with a couple worship songs, so if you enjoy some power rock and love Jesus this is the compilation for you. Just follow the link below and like their Facebook page to get access to the Risen Sampler.


  1. Sacred Warrior – Holy, Holy, Holy
  2. Sacred Warrior – He Died
  3. Bloodgood – Holy Fire
  4. Idle Cure – Holy Mountain
  5. Rhonda Gunn – Glorify The Lamb
  6. Recon – Alive
  7. Liaison – He Lives
  8. Veil Of Ashes – The Cross Was His Own
  9. Bloodgood – The Messiah
  10. Adam Again – The 10th Song (I Remember You)

Download Frontline Records – Risen Sampler free at their Facebook page.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Frontline Records Risen

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Frontline Gospel - Various Artists


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