Download the new Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler for free over at the Facedown website. The album includes 11 songs all from new or upcoming albums. This is a must for any metal/hardcore fans.

Most of the songs come from the early half of 2013 but there are two albums represented that will be releasing in December. Those include Everything In Slow Motion's album, Phoenix, and My Epic's album, Behold, both of which I am looking forward to very much. I am also enjoying the Extol song, Open The Gates, quite a bit, I will have to pick up that full album.

While you're there you can also download the Facedown Records Throwback Sampler. Which includes 12 songs from artists in Facedown Records past.


  1. Everything In Slow Motion – Most Days (from "Phoenix" iTunes, Amazon )
  2. My Epic – Curse (from "Behold" iTunes, Amazon )
  3. Colossus – Beacons (from "Time & Eternal" iTunes, Amazon )
  4. Extol – Open The Gates (from "Extol" iTunes, Amazon )
  5. Leaders – Hell (from "Indomitable" iTunes, Amazon )
  6. Hope For The Dying – Reformation (from "Aletheia" iTunes, Amazon )
  7. The Burial – En-Hakkore (from "In The Taking Of Flesh" iTunes, Amazon )
  8. Fallstar – Shallow Believer (from "Backdraft" iTunes, Amazon )
  9. Ark Of The Covenant – Parasite (from "Self Harvest" iTunes, Amazon )
  10. Altars – Something More (from "Something More" iTunes, Amazon )
  11. Those Who Fear – (Un)Holy Anger (from "Unholy Anger" iTunes, Amazon )

Download the Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler free at the Facedown website.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler Album Art

Facedown Records 2013/2014 Winter Sampler Album Cover


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