The hardcore/metalcore record label Facedown Records has released it's latest sampler for free download. The 2011 Fall Winter Sampler contains eleven of some of their top current songs.

I enjoy the fact that most of the lyrics are very straight forward about their faith as Christians. Many "Christian" bands nowadays try their best to sing about Christianity without ever having to mention anything that may let people know they are Christians. There are many different reasons that bands will give for doing this and I get it I'm not judging them for that. But there is something that I really respect in bands that just come out and say it.

This is a solid sampler for anyone who enjoys hardcore/metalcore, Christian or not, anyone can enjoy this. My favorites would have to be Hands – Water and Onward To Olympas – Structures.


  1. A Plea For Purging – Heart Of A Child
  2. In The Midst Of Lions – Cry Of The Oppressed
  3. A Hope For Home – Calm
  4. Gideon – False Profits
  5. Hope For The Dying – The Awakening Dissimulation
  6. Saving Grace – Shekinah
  7. We The Gathered – Believer
  8. Hands – Water
  9. Nothing Til Blood – Stands True
  10. Onward To Olympas – Structures
  11. Immortal Souls – Nuclear Winter

Download Facedown Records – 2011 Fall Winter Sampler free at their Facebook

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Facedown Records 2011 Fall Winter Sampler

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