Letter To The Exiles is giving away two of the three songs from their new EP, Still Moving Still Breathing, for free over at the Facedown Records website. The songs include a new song titled Step Away as well as an acoustic version of the song A World Of Wicked Men, the original is from their album Make Amends. 

The last song on the EP that is not available for free download is a cover of the Foo Fighters song Best Of You. I enjoy the original and think they did a great job with it, putting a metalcore spin on it, but still keeping some clean vocals. You can check out the cover below, if you are interested in finishing the EP you can purchase the Best Of You over at iTunes or Amazon .

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Moriah Peters – Bloom

You can download the song Bloom by Moriah Peters for free over at her website. All you have to do is enter your birthday and email address (you will be added to her email list) and they will email a link for your download. You can also check out the lyric video for the song below.

The song is a great spring tune that comes off of her debut album I Choose Jesus. Moriah Peters is contemporary Christian music, so if that is your type of music I would assume you already know who she is.

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Phinehas – Fleshkiller

Phinehas has released their new single, Fleshkiller, and you can download it for free. Just click on the link below and fill out the form to get the song download emailed to you. The form is to add you to their email list. The new song will serve as the first single from their yet to be released album, The Last Word Is Yours To Speak, which will se release through Red Cord Records soon.

Phinehas is a metalcore band out of La Mirada, California. If you like metal this song would be for you, great song looking forward to the full album. Phinehas has been selected to co-headline Red Cord Records Festival with From The Eyes Of Servants. The Festival takes place in Loves Park, Illinois on Saturday July 13th. The best part is the concert is free to attend.

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Christian Deathcore, Volume 1

If you haven't already found this and downloaded it, do so now. This is a Deathcore/Death Metal compilation put together by Christian Deathcore Promotion. 40 songs by 40 different bands, and you can name your own price! Any money given for the album will go to buy more credits to keep the download free.

I'm a little behind on this compilation, it was released at the end of last year. I had the post partially made when it was first released but never finished it………. so I finished it, enjoy.

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Soul Embraced – Like A Corpse

Soul Embraced have released their new single Like A Corpse for free download over at Noisetrade. The song comes from their album Mythos which will be released through Rottweiler Records July 9th. 

Soul Embraced has a death metal sound that would be for fans of Living Sacrifice, Impending Doom, Cannibal Corpse, Metallica and Pantera.

Never heard of Soul Embraced? Their most notable member would be their drummer, Rocky Grey. Rocky also plays drums for We Are The Fallen, Machina among other bands and is the guitar player for the band Living Sacrifice. He also used to be the drummer for Evanesce and has worked with Project 86 as well.

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Bryson Price has done a remix of Lecrae's song Children Of The Light, download it for free below. The song comes from Lecrae's album Rehab and features Dillavou and Robby Jerome on vocals. This is a drum 'n bass remix that still keeps the reggae feel to the song.

If you like Price's work with this song I would highly recommend his album, On The Sunny Side, which is also available for free download here Bryson Price – On The Sunny Side.

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Pilgrim – Pilgrim

Download the debut album from Josh White's new project, Pilgrim, for free over at Noisetrade. The self-titled album is said to be a soundtrack to his youth, the album feeds off of his love of many different musical styles including but not limited to glam, new wave, and trip-hop. They say it better than I could, "It's as if Roxy Music merged with New Order, and was remixed by Massive Attack."

I have never really followed Josh White, but after listening to this album and realizing he is the brains behind The Followers as well I feel the need to check into his other projects that he has been involved in. These would include two solo albums as well as three albums with his former band Telecast. If you have not heard his stuff with The Followers you can download their album for free as well here The Follwers – Wounded Healer. (I would highly recommend it)

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My Epic – Hail

If you didn't already know, you can download My Epic's newest single, Hail, for free. The new song comes from their as of yet untitled album that is due out in the fall. I have fallen in love with My Epic since listening to their song Lower Still, a powerful song with powerful lyrics. The new song is great can't wait to hear the new album.

This is what they had to say about the new song. ""In a sense, Hail picks up where Lower Still leaves off. What will that moment be like when all is laid before the Maker. What will I feel when I stand in His presence? I can only imagine that I will be completely speechless. Recently, I had been talking with a friend of mine about the incredible picture painted in Revelation 5. In it, John has a vision of the end of all things and of standing in the presence of G-d Almighty. In that moment he weeps inconsolably because he, nor any other man, is able to make things right. On that day we will all have "empty throats". We have also spent a lot of time recently as a band thinking on the fact that all of creation is, in a sense, simply spoken words from the mouth of Father G-d. Not only does He create by simply speaking, but He also continually wills it to keep existing by His Spoken Word. The juxtaposition between the complete power of G-d's word and the complete impotence of my own gave birth to the prayer/psalm that is this song."‚Äč

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Get a free download of Trip Lee's song Fantasy remixed by Karac. The Fantasy (Karac Drum & Bass Remix) features High Society artist Suzy Rock as well.

Karac is a producer/remixer fromt he UK. He has worked with artists such as Lecrae, KB, Triple O, and many more. He is currently working on an EP that should be due out sometime this year.

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Paper Route – The Peace Of Wild Things

Paper Route is giving their latest album, The Peace Of Wild Things, for free over at Noisetrade. The album was released late last year and was the bands first album since one of their founding members, Andy Smith, left the band. I bought this album shortly after it was released and do not regret spending money for it, but you can pick it up for free!!!

After downloading the bands last album, Absence, (which can still be downloaded for free here Paper Route – Absence) I fell in love with the bands sound. A mix of indie rock/synthpop, the music just had a different sound than most other stuff you find out there. When I heard that Andy Smith was leaving the band I was disappointed because from what I understand he played a big part in the writing process of the music. But after hearing The Peace Of Wild Things I was not disappointed at all, even though the sound has changed a bit.

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