Faith Comes By Hearing is an organization working to reach people of the world with the Word of God through audio. They offer free audio Bibles which can help touch the estimated 50% of the world that is illiterate. So far Faith Coes By Hearing has done over 640 different languages and counting. I noticed recently that they have posted a handfull of audio bibles on Amazon for free download. All of the English versions are dramatized adding sound affects and music. I'm not sure which of the rest are dramatized as well, some are some are not.

Update: If you cannot download them from Amazon, or if the language you want is not there you can get a free audio bible directly from Faith Comes By Hearing here Free Audio Bibles. You can also get more info on the ministry and donate to the cause if God touches your heart to do so. This is a worthy cause to help out financially.

Audio Bible New Revised Standard Version New Testament

English – Old Testament, New Revised Standard Version

English – New Testament, New Revised Standard Version

English – Old Testament, King James Version

English – New Testament, King James Version

French – New Testament

Indonesian – New Testament, New Revised Standard Edition

Indonesian – New Testament, New Translation

Latvian – New Testament

Portuguese – New Testament

Russian, Central Asian – New Testament

Spanish – New Testament

Thai – New Testament

Vietnamese – New Testament

Welsh – New Testament

Here are a handfull that I am unsure of the language, let me know in the comments if you know any of them so I can post the correct languages. Thanx!

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