If you haven't already found this and downloaded it, do so now. This is a Deathcore/Death Metal compilation put together by Christian Deathcore Promotion. 40 songs by 40 different bands, and you can name your own price! Any money given for the album will go to buy more credits to keep the download free.

I'm a little behind on this compilation, it was released at the end of last year. I had the post partially made when it was first released but never finished it………. so I finished it, enjoy.


  1. The Order Of Elijah – Conquer
  2. Dissimulator – Like Father, Like Son
  3. WhatDrivesTheWeak – Destroyer
  4. Toarn – The Blood Has Been Shed
  5. As Hell Retreats – Cell Games
  6. This Divided World – The East And The West
  7. Great Was The Fall – A Will To Fight
  8. Isle Of Patmos – Defamation
  9. Afterimage – Rift
  10. I Built The Cross – Author
  11. Images – Laminin
  12. A Better Tomorrow – Counter
  13. War's Serenity – You're Not A Popstar
  14. The Flesh Of Kings – Zodiac
  15. Adelaide – Acquit
  16. Arise From Ruin – Missing Rungs
  17. The Darkness That Surrounds Us – The War Of Dominance
  18. God's Will – Redeemed
  19. I Deserve Hell – The Brutal Truth
  20. Saints Among Soldiers – Abomination Recreation (Ft. Kris Ehlert)
  21. Tears Of The Martyrs – Anyone Unnecessary Fate
  22. Solomon – The Bay Harbor Butcher
  23. Eyes Of The Defiled – Buried As Saints
  24. The Twelfth Amethyst – Welcome To Hell
  25. Parallax Withering – Darkness/Reversal
  26. I Fear Nothing – City Of False Prophets
  27. The Valenzetti Equation – Ministers Of Sedition
  28. Darkness Divided – Confusion
  29. Commending The Fallen – Letters
  30. A Prophet's Exile – Junior (The Fallen)
  31. Screaming Your Name – Exhortacion
  32. The Theater Of A Nightmare – Change Your Life (Or Change Your Attitude)
  33. Enoque – Sifonia Do Silencio
  34. Faithful And True – Unity
  35. Dying In Silence – Tiempo De Cambiar
  36. Visions Of Scion – Martyrdom
  37. Gethsemane – To Be Sold Out
  38. Weslandia – False Prophet
  39. Before The Throne – Revival
  40. We The Dreamers – Slumber (Midi Version)

Download Christian Deathcore, Volume 1 free at their Bandcamp page. Or here Christian Deathcore, Volume 1 at Rapid Gator.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Christian Deathcore Volume 1 Album Artwork


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