Chris Sligh is probably best known for his 10th place finish in the sixth season of American Idol. Besides being a great singer he was also remembered as having an extensive knowledge of American Idol trivia, as well as his witty humor that was displayed throughout his time on the show.

Since his appearance he has released two solo albums with Word Records that have had some good success. In 2011 Chris felt that God was calling him to give away his music for free, so he parted ways with his record label and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next two albums. From the way it sounds he plans to rotate giving away an album for free then charging for the next one.

Well, he successfully funded his CDs and now we have the free album For Our God And King available for download. The album consists mostly of original worship songs wrote by Chris. It also has his versions of the classic hymns How Marvelous and Holy, Holy Holy. I have not received my email to download the album yet so I have not gotten a chance to listen to it. Hope it comes soon, looking forward to checking it out yet.

The second album that was funded through this campaign will be titled Colorado and is expected out in the fall. It will be a double disk album with about 25 songs which he will be selling for $8.99. If you enjoy Chris' music be sure to check out his last 2 albums Running Back To You and The Anatomy Of Broken.

Update: So I still don't have an e-mail to download the album……. but just noticed the album is also up on Noisetrade so I'll be getting it from them. You can too 🙂

Listening to the album there is a lot of country influence, which I was not expecting. The songs with country influence are not bad songs I do think he pulls off the more upbeat rock songs better.


  1. The King
  2. We Come To Worship
  3. For Our God And King
  4. How Marvelous
  5. Give Me Rest
  6. How Great
  7. Communion Song
  8. Revive Us Again
  9. You Meet Our Needs
  10. Teach Me, O God
  11. Good
  12. Come, Revive
  13. We Know (Pride Is The Enemy)
  14. You Are Holy

Download Chris Sligh – For Our God And King free at his website, or get it at Noisetrade Chris Sligh – For Our God And King.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Chris Sligh For Our God And King

Check out more by Chris Sligh here.

Chris Sligh


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