Bryson Price says, "The purpose of releasing this project is to impact people in a positive way and to save souls by sharing the Gospel through music." This comes out in his music and it's nice for those who like this style of music but do not have much choice as far as Christian artists.

The music is mostly dubstep/electro/trance but has influences of hip-hop as well. He has hip-hop influences throughout this album because that is where he got his start in making music, up till now he was making hip-hop music. He said he has only been experimenting with this style for about a year, this shows here and there in the album but overall I thought it was a great start.

Of course you can't make mention of dubstep without mentioning that there sounds like Skrillex influences in the music, and Bryson Price makes no mistake about it, "Skrillex is a HUGE influence." The last song on the album is not his song but a remix of a song he did for an artist called B Hamp for his song Turn It Up. Overall I enjoy the album and my kids LOVE it. 


  1. Lay It Out
  2. Bak On Yuu
  3. Song #3 (Feat. Adriana Price)
  4. LION (Feat. Adriana Price)
  5. The Way To Live (Feat. Mike Mitchell)
  6. Your Love Never Fails (Feat. Adriana Price)
  7. B Hamp – Turn It Up (Feat. Rippa, Bryson Price Remix)

Download Bryson Price – On The Sunny Side Free at his website.

And check out some other songs for free download here.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Bryson Price On The Sunny Side

Check out more by Bryson Price here.

At the moment there is no place to check out more Bryson Price music and by the sounds of it there may never be, except through his website. Bryson says, in an interview with IVM" I'm currently in Physical Therapy school and don't plan on making music for money. I just want to share with others, through music, how Jesus has changed my life so that they will also be given a chance to know him."

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