Branches describe their style as indie-folk-rock-family-fun and after listening to Helicopter that seems like an accurate description to me. I first listened to Branches when they released their Christmas album on NoiseTrade. Their version of Go Tell It On The Mountain is the best version I have ever heard.

After recording three EPs, Merry Christmas, O, Light!, and Cabin, they have finally recorded a full length album Thou Art The Dream. Helicopter is one of the songs from that album and they are giving it away to you for free. While having mostly a folk based sound through the first three EPs they have added some new sound to the full length with the addition of ukulele, trombone, trumpet, violin, and toy organ.

This band is for fans of Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire, and Freelance Whales.


  1. Helicopter

Download Branches – Helicopter free at NoiseTrade

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Branches Helicopter

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(Note that only the albums listed above are from this band the rest are from another band named Branches)



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