B.Reith just released a new mixtape called How The Story Continues for free at his website. The mixtape has a handfull of remixes off of his last album How The Story Ends. The album features many artists as guest vocalists including Lecrae, Lisa Gungor, Dre Murray, Theory Hazit, and more.

For the most part this is all rap/hip-hop but I also have it listed under R&B because Lonely Hearts has heavy R&B influence mostly coming from Kevin Olusola's vocals. I also listed this mixtape under pop rock because the Simple Days remix has a chorus that is very pop rock. Simple Days is probably my favorite from the album, I think it's because the music is Lou Reed's song Take A Walk On The Wild Side.


  1. After The Beep (Feat. Isaiah Tate)
  2. Simple Days (Remix)
  3. Lonely Hearts Interlude
  4. Lonely Hearts (Club KO Remix, Feat. Kevin Olusola)
  5. Tippy Toe (Feat. Theory Hazit)
  6. Get Out My Life
  7. Drawing Board (Remix, Feat. Dre Murray)
  8. Life Of An Artist 1.0 (Feat. Knine, Promise)
  9. Made For More (Remix, Feat. Lecrae, Lisa Gungor)

Download B.Reith – How The Story Continues free at his website.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

B.Reith How The Story Continues

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