Get the Anberlin song Safe Here for free download over at the Destroy All Lines Facebook page. Safe Here is a B-side to their upcoming album, Vital, which is set to release on the 16th. You must like the page to get your free download, and you will also be added to the Anberlin and the Destroy All Lines mailing lists. You can always un-like the page after and unsubscribe to the e-mail lists if you feel the need to.

Destroy All Lines is a Australian promotion company for musicians. They got their start in 2003 and have since become one of Australia's larger music companies. They have a network of some of the most successful clubs and events in the country. 

If you have any problems with getting this download I would suggest trying again. I originally had problems with mine as well but got the music in the end. At first it downloaded a mp3 file that was blank and it sent me an email for the download that was the actual HTML code so you couldn't read it since it is supposed to be a bunch of pictures. After I resubmitted my email address and got a new email that I could read. When downloading the second time it downloaded a zip file that had the song.

If you want to sample or pre-order the new Anberlin album, Vital, you can do so over here at Amazon or iTunes.


  1. Safe Here

Download Anberlin – Safe Here free at the Destroy All Lines Facebook page.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Anberlin Vital

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