Download the first EP from Abated Mass Of Flesh for free over at their Bandcamp page. The first EP, Moth And Rust In The Temple Of Putridity is currently available and you can name your own price, so you can download it for free or support the band if you can and choose to do so.

Abated Mass Of Flesh is a brutal death metal band out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The band started out as a solo project by Zack Plunkett in 2011. He has since added his brother Matthew Plunkett to the lineup as the lead vocalist. The band signed with Rottweiler Records in May and have been working on a new EP titled Brutal Death, which has just finished being mixed by Rocky Gray and should be out later this year I believe.

If you do not know who Rocky Gray is he is the former drummer of Evanescence and currently plays with the bands We Are The Fallen, Soul Embraced, Machina and Living Sacrifice. Well he will be adding one more band to the list because he is going to take on the drumming duties on the first Abated Mass Of Flesh full length album that will be out in 2013.

(thanx to Evan B. for letting me know about this free download)

Here is a teaser video for the upcoming EP Brutal Death.


  1. Intro (Saul I Am)
  2. Moth And Rust In The Temple Of Putridity
  3. Humble King
  4. Undeserved
  5. Galatians 5
  6. To Test With Fire
  7. Rabboni (True Vision)

Download Abated Mass Of Flesh – Moth And Rust In The Temple Of Putridity (EP) free at their Bandcamp page.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Abated Mass Of Flesh Moth And Rust In The Temple Of Putridity

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