Get the Abandon Kansas remix EP, Ad Astra Per Remix, for free below. This EP contains 3 remixes from their debut full length album with Gotee Records titled Ad Astra Per Aspera. Abandon Kansas has a indie rock sound but if you are not into electronic music you will probably not be into this EP.

I have seen on a handfull of reviews that they complain the only thing kept from the original song is the vocals the music itself does not take anything from the original. Yes these are remixes and yes the music is electronic, there is also a bit of dubstep on the Like It Or Not remix. I enjoy electronic music so this was not an issue for me. Oh, and by the way it was FREE!!

Yes I realize this has been out for a while but I just discovered it so if you have not gotten it yet, enjoy.


  1. Heaven Come My Way (Eric Kauffman Remix)
  2. The Golden State (Capital Kings Remix)
  3. Like It Or Not (Seth Duncan Remix)

Download Abandon Kansas – Ad Astra Per Remix (EP) free.

(if this link does not work or the download is no longer free leave a comment below so I can take it down, thanx)

Abandon Kansas Ad Astra Per Remix EP

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Abandon Kansas


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