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So why did I create a website focusing on free Christian music downloads? Since becoming a Christian I have decided to clean out my music and get rid of anything that is not Christian music. This was a very long and painful process because music was always such an important part of my life. One day I decided to just go for it, I deleted all of my secular music from my computer and went in search for Christian music to replace it.

Free Christian Music Downloads‚ÄčAt that time I had just been used to downloading all of my music for free through a program called Soulseek, basically a P2P program like the original Napster or Limewire. So I went on Soulseek and downloaded thousands of new songs to listen to that were more appropriate for my new lifestyle……….. There was just one problem with that, it was illegal, and stealing is something that should not be a part of any Christians life. It's sad but it probably took me well over a year to come to this realization and delete all of that music from my computer as well.

After that I went on eBay and bought a handfull of CDs, which was a good start but after buying so many CDs the cost really starts to add up and I didn't really have the extra money at the time. So I went in search for free Christian music downloads that were available legally on the internet.

Turns out within the Christian music scene there are many bands that offer up their music for free. A lot of them will accept donations in exchange for the music or will give you their music for free if you share the link to it on Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes bands will give you free music if you are willing to be added to their newsletter list and some will just flat out give you their music for free.

I have also run across many sites that have free Christian music downloads available. So in an effort to save others time and to share my finds I have started this site to share them with everyone. Many of the sites that offer free Christian music will deal with just one genre of music but I enjoy a wide variety of music styles so I will try to keep a variety of genres available so that there is something for everyone to listen to.

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If you happen to come across any posts for music that is no longer available for free please leave a comment letting me know so I can remove it.

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If your band offers free Christian music downloads and you would like your music featured on this site just shoot me a message on the Contact Page. Give a little info about your band or links to your website or Facebook profile and send me links to the location of your free music. If you don't have any free music posted on the internet you can also ask about sending an MP3 of a song and we can work something out that way.